Summit Medical Storage Portable Compact Refrigerator

With a reliable compressor, easy-to-use temperature control and a chrome lock on the lid, this portable medical refrigerator is the ideal way to transport vaccine supplies or collect samples that need to stay cold.

Just plug this electric portable cooler into any lighter socket or electrical outlet, set your desired temperature and get to work.

You can rest assured, knowing that everything that needs to be kept cold will be.

Features: Compressor operated medical refrigerator and freezer unit.

Durable gray plastic exterior and hammered aluminum interior.

Portable and lightweight with easy to grab side handles.

Chrome key lock on the lid to protect contents.

Ideal for transporting cold items, collecting samples and administering vaccines at off-site locations.

Digital LED thermostat with electronic buttons for easy temperature control.

External thermometer readout.

Temperature can operate as low as -18°C (0ºF) or be set for standard refrigerator operation.

12V/24V DC hookup plugs into any 12V DC lighter socket in any car, truck, RV, or boat.

AC adapter plugs unit into any 110V wall outlet.

100% CFC free environmentally friendly design does not contain ozone-damaging chemicals.

Manual defrost type.

Exterior fan type.


Specs: Outer Dimensions: 21.

25"W x 17"H x 14.


Interior Dimensions: 10.

5"W x 12.

33"H x 9.


R134a freon type.

UL approved.

Ships within 3 business days.

Manufacturer's Warranty: One year warranty on parts and labor.

Five year warranty on compressor.

Includes: AC Adapter.

Wheeled travel trolley.

Price: $729.95

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